There might be some contradictions between what you’ve learned and what you see on this page. But don’t worry, yoga is not like mathematics; it’s a wild science and if you meet different teachers you’ll hear different perspectives.

During the class we focus on asanas, a comfortable and steady posture, and then I’ll explain the philosophy and theory later. I believe that cleansing the body via a physical practice is the first step to improving your mental condition before speaking about the eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga.

I teach in Rosheim(5 c rue du wisch)  please check the french website to see the days.

Vinyasa:  It can be a Powerful sequence of postures combined with the breath to create an internal heat that opens the muscles and purifies the body. Ashtanga yoga is an ancient systematic practice of yoga that slowly builds in difficulty to allow students to safely access their full potential. The focus on breath, balance, and energy allows students to bring all their attention to the flow of postures in a moving meditation.

It can also be more soft, learning to move in ease, control and mindfullness using the love and compassion to bring harmony inside you.

Yin yoga: Here we use very simple postures held for a long time (2 to 15 mins). We focus more on what we feel and less on how it looks. We target the fascia tissue from the hips, the pelvis area and the lower back. It allows the joints to be lubricated and it’s also very challenging for the mind. Yin yoga is a restorative practice for the body and the mind. It’s very complementary to Ashtanga and can allow you to get over some of the difficulties you might encounter in the Ashtanga practice.

Viniyoga: This practice is very gentle. We move the hips, the legs and the lower back on one breath and we slowly repeat simple postures to allow the energy to flow freely.

Rebirth breathing and meditation:

Transformative technique. Deep breath with mouth wild open combine to some movement will bring lots of blood toward the heart. Mental effect is a cleaning of past memories by laughing or crying; Physical effect: sometimes sensations of ants in the hand and feets, vibrations and well being feeling.

This technique is  very powerfull and you need to be aware that it can be intense. Result of this is Amaizing, you feel firmly grounded, light and 100 pourcent present. i learn it from Linda in L.A

Schedule : Please check the french page or email for more informations.