I had received the intensive lessons from Patrick for more than one week during my stay in Mysore.

First I joined Patabi’s shala, but found there seemed many points that I was missing in the class. That is because I was a beginner of Ashtanga Yoga which requires the gradual progression over years. However, I somehow felt dry from the class with lesser personal contact to teacher in the huge participants. To the contrary, Patric asked me some small but cocrete concrete questions from the first day. He did this spontaneously but it always turned to the cornerstone of my practice of the day. It actually guided me to be a seer of my own work. I sensed those were all from his personal experiences. I appreciate he is willing to be the senior practitioner as well as teacher who clues in all the feeling of the student. With his insight, he added much freshness in each class and succeeded in bringing my physical and spiritual betterment.

So, for all who wish to have the very helpful teacher, I would like to recommend Patrick who is sincere and passionate. Soon you become surrendering yourself to him- that I believe one of the most important quality required when we are expanding in sadana. And if you do so, you have the bonus that he is a good massure to ease your muscle pain!

Naoko Yamamoto

I came to Patrick after experiencing some knee pain related to my yoga practice while in Mysore, India.  Very quickly he identified the problem and through a unique combination of Shiatsu and Thai massage, was able to relieve some of the pain right away.  After a couple more sessions, most of the pain was gone completely.

It’s important to point out that in addition to the bodywork, Patrick spent time showing me new ways of approaching the poses that were causing me problems to begin with.  I’ve continued to use these techniques and other stretches he proscribed and the pain has not returned.  I recommend him highly.

Matthew McGaughey

Your massages are professional and just what the body needs at that time. It is your very own combination out of knowing how to make use out of how the body naturally works, having a great amount of knowledge and intuition what is needed at a time, and an amazing technique to release muscles and tension. I can highly recommend you, and I wish you were here to book you for weekly appointments. Keep doing what you are doing, you have a great gift to share.

Until next time,


Patrick’s massages are very intuitive and tailored to one’s own specific needs and requirements. He is highly skilled in pinpointing the areas that require lenghtening and stretching and sensibly works on those without stress or strain.

Evelyn Krull