Welcome to Shantiyogamassage

Taking care of your mind, body and vital energy is what we intend to do with you. An idyllic setting, at the top of Rosenwiller hill near Rosheim and right next to a bird care center. If they are going to learn to fly again you will learn to find yourself.

We offer yoga, meditation, massage, advice on how to get back to health through food and a change of pace. We do our best to help you progress and improve in every way. Finding a sharpened mind and calming, a well-being, body tone, learning to be benevolent the list and long and will depend on your needs and what you are ready to welcome.

Yoga poses will have different effects from person to person, but we always learn from our successes as well as our failures. We improve, we grow. Massages work the same except that you are passive; we do it for you. The whole body will benefit from this work, joints, muscles and your ability to let go will improve. The list of benefits is long, the yoga poses are plentiful and in the end, all we want you to do is to be ONE with what is, to be able to embrace the moment as it is.

Adiyoghi, also called Shiva and considered to be the ancestor of yoga said: “The path to liberation is within.” This is what we are going to do together with yoga, massages, lifestyle changes, we invite you to come back inside yourself so that you can realize your magnificent potential as a human being and do this. that you have to do.

Patrick Hoenner, yoga teacher.

Yoga in Rosheim: discover our courses adapted to all types of levels

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We wish to allow you to experience yoga.
If we had to give a name, we could call it Holistic yoga, that is to say complete, because in each class there are: postures, meditation, chanting of mantras and breathing. There are group, private or small group lessons in the morning and evening.

We will use a series of postures, sometimes linked one after the other, sometimes long postures, sometimes complicated, sometimes very simple.

The invitation to remain aware is the most important point. Yoga really begins after the passage on the mat which is a training to be able to live in harmony with his peers and with what surrounds us.

No prerequisites are necessary, when it is difficult there are always simpler versions so that everyone can work at the edge of their comfort zone and thus strengthen themselves mentally and physically.

Take care of yourself: massage and well-being in Rosheim

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Every movement, every technique used is there for a good reason, you invite you to relax, release tension and restore your vital energy.

Osteothai is the meeting between Buddhist philosophy and Ayurveda. Practiced on clothes or on the skin, OstéoThai massages use techniques borrowed from Californian massages, shiatsu, Swedish massage, Thai massage, Ayurveda, wuotai, osteopathy. I brought these massages back from America, Thailand, Laos, India. They help relieve muscle tension and lubricate the joints.

Getting a massage rhymes here with softness, relaxation and well-being, a moment of happiness.

The combination of these different approaches will allow us to offer you a treatment adapted to your needs that covers you from head to toe. A deep relaxation ensues and allows you a zen break. A well-being massage that recharges your batteries and will allow you to regenerate well and feel good, anchored and alive.

Health education for better shape

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Through diet adjustments made with knowledge and conscience, adjustments in your pace of activity and rest for a day, I will guide you towards a return to health. We find a formula that will help you cleanse and feel good, alive.

Formed by the good care of Irène Grosjean and researcher in naturopathy and natural health methods for over 15 years, I welcome you in my kitchen, a good place to take care of yourself.

No one-size-fits-all formula for getting back to health, we’ll talk about you and what’s bothering you, your history, your diet, your sleep, and more.

At the end of our interview and depending on what you feel able to do, together we will build a health plan to act on a daily basis and find you: physical exercises, mental exercises, dietary adjustments, purging, essential oils, herbal tea , and other natural remedies

About Patrick Hoenner

I discovered yoga in California in 2006 in a fitness room and little by little I followed the path of yoga and massages which led me to meet people who were kind enough to share their know-how and their knowledge.

I have visited a little piece of India, Thailand, Laos and I try to return to Asia once a year to keep in touch with another way of being.

I look forward to you that you are interested in learning and moving towards an easier life.

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2006 to 2009: I discovered vinyasa yoga, iyengar, ashtanga.

2010: a month of hatha yoga teacher training in an ashram in India

2011: Ashtanga teacher training with David Svenson, I learn the basics of Vedic chanting at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai (India), First vipassana retreat in Thailand

2012: Ashtanga teacher training with Vijay Kumar in Mysore.

2013 and 2014: One month immersion with Vinay kumar in Mysore with intensive practice of asanas and pranayama.