In India

1 hour massage 1200Rs.
1½ hour massage 1500Rs.
Massage is practised with clothes on.

In France

Yoga class are run with donation. Suggestion is between 5 and 20 euros. You give more or less,  we want you to feel happy when you give, happy to be generous or happy to save, your choice. Make some experimentations.

We charge 50 euros for 1 hour massage, 60 for 1hour and a half

If you come to our place it’s better for you because you’ll be in a quiet place and we can use a herbal compress. If we come to your place, you have to have a quiet place where we can put our massage mat which is 2m long and 1m wide and add 10euros for the ride. Our massage studio is in Rosheim, 13 rue des jardins 67560, 25 km from Strasbourg.

We need around an hour, but usually longer.

For a private yoga class we charge the same price. Depending on your health you should allow 1-2 hours.

For rebirth breathing we charge 50 euros and we need  at least an hour. It’s better to practise early in the morning or in the evening when the mind is more quiet. I’ll try to teach you what I think you need: Vipassana meditation, chakra meditation, breathing exercises or chanting. I suggest you come alone for your first class, after that you can come with more people.