Shanti Yoga Massage

Shanti in Sanskrit means peace, rest, tranquility and bliss. That’s our ambition for our massage. You say what is bothering you (tiredness, pain, sadness, etc.) and we decide together if you want a massage or a yoga class. If you choose a yoga class, we’ll try to find the style of asana practice that will fit your body. If you choose a massage, we’ll check the main energy lines in your body according to Thai medicine with our hands, then give you our diagnosis about what could be the root cause of your problem.

These energy lines (sen lines in Thai medicine, meridians in Chinese medicine, nadis in Ayurvedic medicine) are covering our whole body and they have different tasks. If you never experience energy movement in yoga, massage, Tai Chi or Qi Gong this might be difficult to understand, but think about your feet for example. When somebody is tickling your feet you might laugh, so there is a connection between your emotion and the soul of your feet, and Thai medicine describes this line that goes under the feet and in other parts of your body as the emotional line. Sometimes you feel good, happy and sometimes the contrary; sometimes you don’t even know why and this is down to whether the energy is flowing freely or not.

Now if you experience some discomfort it’s not necessarily a physical issue. Sorry for the bad news but our life is a series of energy blocks, created by what we think, say, do or eat, or due to karmic lessons that need to be learnt (lessons from the past). We try to see this discomfort or pain as an indicator of what you could do to improve your general health and to help you be more conscious of the cause of the block.

Then we help you to release the blockage by working on energy lines using different tools. By putting words to the root of your problem it should help you to understand it and then accept it. We usually finish the treatment by suggesting some homework you can do to keep you happy and in good health. Our aim is to not only be a relaxing massage therapist but also a pain treatment therapist.

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